How Much (More) Money Could You Make By Improving Your Franchise Website?

Scott Ginsberg, Metric Collective

You use your franchise website as a high intent tool to generate leads. Visitors to your site are usually highly interested in your brand and sought you out specifically. But your site isn’t converting leads as well as you need it to, and you’re losing out on a lot of really good leads from great visitors who didn’t convert.

Your website needs a boost. You need proven lead conversion tools you can plug into your existing website, to help you convert more of your existing high quality traffic into high quality franchise prospects.

1 – Why we're qualified to help you solve this problem

FranchiseHelp has spent the last three decades building best in class lead conversion tools that help brands level up their websites to do what they need it to do. We specialize in building tools like surveys to sort and qualify candidates, conversion-optimized lead capture forms, and proven validation and verification tools to easily convert good leads, while keeping your data clean.

Today we’re going to guide you through several strategic questions to ask your marketing team, along with a helpful growth marketing calculator so you can discover how much more money you could make by improving your franchise website.

2 – Auditing your current website

If you want to take the same traffic you have now and turn it into not only more leads, but better leads, it’s important to get a baseline. Here are several questions to ask your marketing team:

  • Does your lead flow make it easy and intuitive for your users to submit a request?
  • Is it difficult to get requests through with either typos or bogus requests?
  • Where might you be missing out on key data about your candidates?

The goal here is to create a conversion optimized form that’s easy to use, offers strong validation tools that are hard to fool, and tech to capture as much information as possible about your potential franchise owners.

If you build, or rebuild your website with these checkpoints in mind, you should be able to get more leads, higher quality leads, accumulate more ammunition for your sales team, and ultimately get more new franchisees for your brand.

3 – Turning web optimizations into higher revenue

One of the highest converting franchise lead sources out there is your website. You cannot skimp out on that investment. Now, you may be asking, how much would that cost our brand? And will it actually work it to immediately and significantly increase both the quality and quantity of your website leads? As usual, it’s the same answer to all marketing questions. It depends.

It's rare to increase both quality and quantity of leads. We've figured out how and have years of refining this tech on our own site and as a white label for many industry leaders in franchising. We increase lead quality and quantity by optimizing lead conversion rates, gathering comprehensive data about each of your visitors and leads and validating your users' inputs before notifying your sales team of each confirmed lead.
You can accomplish the same, if you’re willing to crunch a few numbers and make your marketing decisions more data driven and thoughtful.

The tool we recommend to all of our clients is called FranCalc. Before signing any sales or marketing service agreement, we have them use it. It helps them anticipate the possible ROI based on industry trends and our own research. A sophisticated lead generation engine can turbocharge your existing franchise website, and show returns that make it one of your enterprise's best investments, if you’re willing to follow the right steps.

Use FranCalc’s Tech Partnership ROI Calculator now. Using the average deal parameters for your franchise (FDD Items 5, 6, 17, 19), we will estimate the average expected value of a new single-unit deal.

Once you get your results, you’ll have an understanding of how much more money you could make by improving your franchise website.

Do you want best in class lead generation from the savviest engineers in franchising?

FranchiseHelp is woven into the Fabric of Franchising™ and we'd love to talk to you about getting the branded leads you need.