What are you calculating?

Texting-Enabled Sales Forecasting

Estimate the incremental ROI of adding two-way text messaging (SMS) to your franchise sales toolkit

Partner ROI

Measure the ROI for implementing new lead generation tech on your franchise website

Franchise Unit Value

Predict the expected new deal value over the average deal term including royalty collections and other metrics.

Lead Gen

Estimate potential market reach, given your franchise brand's
specific filters

Lead to
Deal Rate

Forecast how many deals you can realistically expect to close from online leads, as well as project ROI

Liquid Capital & Net Worth

Get better picture of what franchise investment you could be ready for


1. Do you pay for FranCalc?

Nope! Spend time on outreach and closing deals, not doing math. That's our job.

2. How are you so smart, FranCalc?

Aw shucks! Well, we have three decades of building transformative technology so brands can navigate franchise growth in a hyper 
focused way, and our current team spans the business gamut. Technology, finance, consulting, marketing, sales, development... We know our stuff! Our own performance, up-to-date industry research, and proprietary data prove it.

3. Can FranCalc help me close deals?

Sorta! But the Metric Collective companies—FranchiseHelp, FranFunnel, Oakscale—are the ones to ask. By the way, FranchiseHelp maintains the #1 ranking with unparalleled digital marketing, customer service, engineering and continual improvement to its lead portal, and FranFunnel supplies best-in-class SMS automation with all the bell and whistles.

4. Can I submit my own calculator?

You betcha! We encourage it. Are you a supplier to the industry, or a sales pro with must-see formulas? Get in touch, and we'll talk about adding to our toolkit.

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