Consider the many factors that are important in your business model. Do they fit with your sales goals? Budgets vary from brand to brand. Simplify decision making.

We created this suite of calculators that allow franchisors to make sales and marketing decisions that are informed and rational, one calculation at a time.

Do you have the company financials, like, Royalties and Avg Unit Revenue? Plug them in and calculate which sales and marketing are most appropriate for your growth.

Plan and save

FranCalc helps inform and refine your development strategy, and helps you sell more franchises. You'll be able to better forecast sales and visualize metrics to track goals accurately

Think long term

FranCalc helps your team focus on the important, longer lasting, financials of your franchise organization. It shows you a much more complete picture of the value of a deal

Set expectations

Digital marketing results and success will come when you are practical and thoughtful about every variable

Invest wisely

Review pricing examples and how CPL changes by adjusting parameters in real time

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