How To Spend Your Franchise Marketing Dollars More Effectively

Scott Ginsberg, Metric Collective

Franchise Development is a common field where marketing budgets are invested inefficiently. Too many franchise brands will spend valuable dollars on sales and marketing activities they don’t even need, and don't move the needle. If you want to spend your marketing dollars more effectively, here are our recommendations.

1 – Efficiency is king

Every franchise wants to spend their marketing dollars more effectively. When it comes to getting franchise leads, efficiency is king. But when you’re a franchise development professional, especially a regional team member, allocating your marketing budget can be tricky.

Many factors come into play, such as the size and history of the brand you work for, how the larger organization operates at the corporate level, your individual needs, abilities and preferences as a salesperson, the degree of freedom and flexibility around your annual budget, and so on.

We were chatting with a few of our clients recently, one of whom is a regional developer of franchise development. Tom told us that he wanted to make sure his marketing dollars were spent in the region that he was actually working in. And for good reason, too. Since the typical franchise opportunity seeker fits a narrow description, you have to keep your planning simple. You don't want to buy a much larger market than you are responsible for marketing to.

2 – Find the right partner with the best ROI

If you want to spend your marketing dollars more effectively, start by making sure you’re using a growth partner who can set up a lead program that will work for your specific business and goals. Regardless of size and geography. We insist our clients feel confident with their specific needs, so that's why we launched our Tech Partnership ROI Calculator, to help them measure the ROI for implementing new lead generation tech on their franchise website.

Before signing any sales or marketing service agreement, you must anticipate the possible ROI. We know that a sophisticated lead generation engine can turbocharge your existing franchise website, and show returns that make it one of your enterprise's best investments. But it's helpful to crunch some numbers first, to get buy in from your team.

3 – Only pay to access the potential franchisees you need

Even if your franchise brand is a national organization with dozens or hundreds of locations, fran dev teams need to focus on marketing tactics that are technology based and hyperlocal. We recommend to our clients that they only invest in personalized and relevant outreach to potential candidates in the local communities you're responsible for.

Make sure you're choose the portal with the sharpest filtering system in franchising. FranchiseHelp, as an example, has an industry leading automated phone and email verification helps improve your contact rate and give you the best chance of having more meaningful conversations. You can learn more about this feature on our tech blog, and find out how it helps you scale your brand without breaking your budget.

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