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How to Award More Franchises Using Texting (And Stay Under Budget!)

If you're the Director of Franchise Development, you're under tremendous pressure to award more franchises, despite ever tightening resources. Doing that development math can make your job more stressful than it needs to be, and we want to share a formula to help do so using texting for sales and marketing. Think of it as going to back to the franchising future.

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How to Talk to Your Potential Franchisees About Liquid Capital & Net Worth

Liquid Capital is a term we franchisors use a lot in franchising, so much so that it’s easy to forget that it's not a common word for people who are new to the industry, i.e., potential franchisees. Here's how to help them think about it.

Annual Forecasting Tips for Fran Development

Is the big January bump just a myth? If your franchise brand is looking for a new source of franchisees ready to open one of your franchises, you need to start planning towards the end of the year so you can hit the ground running when the ball drops. Here are our recommendations.

How To Spend Your Franchise Marketing Dollars More Effectively

Franchise Development is a common field where marketing budgets are invested inefficiently. Too many franchise brands will spend valuable dollars on sales and marketing activities they don’t even need, and don't move the needle. Try this instead!

Franchise Development Budget
Data Driven Franchise Planning

Data Driven Planning For Franchise Brands

Part of our mission is to help franchise brands use data driven budget planning to make smart, informed development decisions. Our calculators are important tools, but they're only the artifacts of a larger conversation that the franchising industry is currently lacking. Here's how to boost your franchise brand's rationality and scale without overspending

The #1 Sales Calculation Your Franchise Brand Can't Afford To Get Wrong

Are you practical and thoughtful about every variable in your fran dev process? If so, that's the only way digital marketing results and success will come. This article helps you better forecast sales and visualize metrics to track your goal accordingly, and ultimately award more franchises.

Sales Calculations for Franchises
Franchise Website Design

How Much (More) Money Could You Make By Improving Your Franchise Website?

You use your franchise website as a high intent tool to generate leads. Visitors to your site are usually highly interested in your brand and sought you out specifically. But your site isn’t converting leads as well as you need it to.

How Much Is One New Franchise Unit Worth?

Figuring out how much one new franchise unit is worth is a complex equation. Franchise salespeople may need numbers on the board, but the company executives need to be thinking bigger and longer term.

Franchise Unit Economics
Franchise Potential Market Reach

How Many Leads Could Be Generated For My Franchise Brand?

The market reach challenge is experience agnostic. Whether you’re an emerging franchise exploring your potential reach for the first time, or an existing company wondering how much farther you could push your advertising efforts, there are numerous filters that will affect the potential for lead generation for your brand.

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